Welcoming Spring

The clocks leapt forward an hour at the weekend. So seems like a good moment to resume writing a blog for the B&B.

January really clamped the earth down severely– hard frosts, solid ground; nothing was strong enough to pierce that solid shell.

In February, with milder weather, a few brave blooms managed to fight their way into the light and give us a wonderful foretaste of what would follow – snowdrops, aconites and then the crocuses. March has seen an explosion, a profusion of flowers – daffodils of countless shades and configurations, primroses and primulas in a wonderful spectrum of colours, hyacinths filling the air with an intoxicating perfume and multitudes of shy helebores. Trees are coming into blossom too, most spectacularly our magnolias, stellata outside the conservatory and grandiflora overlooking the road. Wandering up and down the garden is a delight.

Had a charming trainee occupational therapist staying with us for seven weeks. A beam of youthfulness bursting into our more staid lives! A treat to witness her enthusiasm for her new career and her dedication to it. Just wished she’d eaten more!

Bookings keep arriving. Guests stay for an amazing variety of reasons – most recently, a guy who was member of a band playing a gig up the road; parents being treated by their daughter to a special weekend, the dad following a course in clay oven making at Assington Barns; some for funerals, others for family visits. The wedding season is yet to come!

In a couple of weeks it’s Sudbury’s Open Gardens, in favour of the local hospice (75%) and our Rotary Club, who are organizing it. More of that in the next instalment.