I’ve just noticed with horror that’s it exactly three years since I wrote the last Cabin blog. However did that happen?!

Let’s try and catch up. Since 2017 a few hundred guests have passed through the B & B – amongst them a fair number of folk from overseas – always so interesting to meet – as well as many from the UK. We’re very pleased to have a ‘loyal’ clientele, especially those coming to the area to visit family and friends on a regular basis.

In those three years much has happened to our property. We’d like to think that a complete transformation has occurred.

For example, we have installed a large pond with waterfall, which makes a gentle, soothing murmur as the water cascades down.

Our lawn suffered so much in 2018, becoming dry and brown, that we decided to replace the grass with paths, shingle and pebbles, interspersed with architectural plants and raised beds, seating areas, to create a Mediterranean effect. We’re trying to keep ahead of climate change, as there’s a fair bet that rainfall in this area of the country is going to become less and less in the next few years, and we’ll need to adapt our system of planting accordingly.

Enjoy the photos and come and see for yourselves.