There are two ways of looking at frost

1 Either you see it as perishing cold, making you reluctant to leave the house (or your bed!), and, if you do, making you shiver while you tramp into town or scrape ice off the car; and it reminds you that you should have protected your delicate plants well before this.

2 Or as beautiful, covering the garden and meadows over the road from the Cabin with a dusting of sparkling, shimmering ice; a treat for the eyes and a pleasure to crunch your way through.

There’s been a succession of frosty mornings since the beginning of the year, but always bright afternoons with glorious blue skies to follow. Which is good, because it means that the work being carried out outside the conservatory has been able to proceed without interruption from inclement weather. Into week 4 now and 42 tons of soil have been shifted, new flowerbeds installed and the paving gradually creeping across the new patio area. Should be finished by the middle of the month and will therefore be available for our busy period coming up soon – open gardens, guests and visits from family.